It all started with a simple aim, a mission, a goal. To provide a solution to the increasing demand for an element of personal privacy without compromising luxury, style, comfort or creative expression. After no less than 6 years of creative development, ISHU was launched in October 2015 through the concept in the mind of Dutch-born designer Saif Siddiqui.

ISHU was founded on an intuitive understanding of the needs and desires of the individual. In an era where our right to privacy continues to deteriorate through inadvertent exposure to videos and photographs on social media. An increasing number of high profile celebrities are embracing the concept of ISHU, but they're not the only ones. Everybody has the right to take control over their own image.

As a company, we are passionately driven to apply unrivalled standards of innovation, integrity, quality and creativity to our products. We will always use the finest quality fabrics and workmanship to ensure that we continue to build on our reputation for excellence.